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 8:45 am – Contemporary Worship in the Family Life Center

11 am – Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary

7 pm – Emerging Worship in the Family Life Center

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Advent & Christmas Eve Services

Advent & Christmas Eve Services

Come Home for Advent

Advent begins this Sunday and we will be starting a new sermon series centered around coming home. Come join us each Sunday leading up to Christmas at either the 8:45 am or 11:00 am services.

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Breakthrough Prayer

Do you believe “prayer makes a difference?” Most churchgoers would answer a quick “yes.” Then I ask you: what overall percentage of the individuals on this congregation are actively involved in frequent prayer together? The truth is that we do graciously offer ourselves in many activities from faithful worship, teaching Bible study to working at the food pantry. Those are all well and good ministries. However, prayer may have unintentionally become like an optional side dish in the church’s menu, rather than the house specialty. Prayer is the spiritual food that nourishes our life in Christ Jesus. So here’s the real question. Is this congregation simply snacking on prayer or feasting on prayer?

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Grow-One Sunday Stewardship Campaign

One of the primary avenues for joining God’s mission continues to be our participation in the ministries to which God has called First United Methodist Church, Angleton. Each of us is invited to renew our stewardship commitment yearly.

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Learn! Grow! Eat! & Go! At Central Elementary

The Learn, Grow, Eat & Go program has begun at Central Elementary! Volunteers are needed most Tuesdays during the school year in the 3rd grade classes. If you are interested, call Sondra Jones at 979-849-4895.  Please be advised that anyone working with students at AISD will have to fill out a volunteer request form/background check on the school website(www.angletonisd.net).


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