Do you believe “prayer makes a difference?” Most churchgoers would answer a quick “yes.” Then I ask you: what overall percentage of the individuals on this congregation are actively involved in frequent prayer together? The truth is that we do graciously offer ourselves in many activities from faithful worship, teaching Bible study to working at the food pantry. Those are all well and good ministries. However, prayer may have unintentionally become like an optional side dish in the church’s menu, rather than the house specialty. Prayer is the spiritual food that nourishes our life in Christ Jesus. So here’s the real question. Is this congregation simply snacking on prayer or feasting on prayer?

“Glory to God, who is able to do far beyond all that we could ever ask or imagine by his power at work in us.”  (Ephesians 3:20)  When God’s people join together in an intentional prayer movement and repeatedly pray asking God to break though in new and miraculous ways, the promise is clear: that God will do greater things than we could ever ask or imagine. Awesome! Amazing!

The simple breakthrough prayer focus is for God’s Spirit to break through anything that holds us captive (individually or collectively), so that we can boldly move forward into God’s future for this congregation. As your pastor, I have committed myself to pray daily for God to break through in new and wonderful ways at FUMC. Will you join me? The Prayer Room is open daily. The Prayer Team meets on Mondays at noon. Let’s be a congregation that “feasts” on prayer! AND then watch what God does beyond our wildest imaginations.

Peace be with you,
Pastor Barbara


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