One of the primary avenues for joining God’s mission continues to be our participation in the ministries to which God has called First United Methodist Church, Angleton. Each of us is invited to renew our stewardship commitment yearly.

You have probably heard about Grow-One Sunday coming up on Sunday, October 29. We are asking that you consider raising your giving by 1 percent of your income (Grow-Toward-Tithing) or that you Grow-Step in a dollar amount of your choosing. We believe that a practice of proportionate giving, moving toward and beyond the tithe, will provide each of us with a new spiritual richness, and our offerings will provide new and exciting opportunities to carry out our mission and ministry which will enable us to joyfully proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because of your generous giving our staffing and leadership are better enabled to meet the needs of children, youth and adults through effective Christian education, spiritual growth ministries, worship, and other activities necessary for growing faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Your gifts will allow us to maintain our property in appropriate state of repair and efficiently provide for all the activities of a growing congregation. Most importantly, through your gifts we will continue to be in mission both here in our neighborhood and into the world as directed by our Lord Jesus.

Thank you for the offerings you have made in the past and are making to First United Methodist Church. Your offerings, of your time, of your
God-given talents, and of your money, help support all that we do here.  We could do nothing without the faithful offerings of our members. May you know the joy of giving and the satisfaction of knowing what an important presence this church is in the world.


Bill Garwood
Stewardship Chairperson


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